International Conference of Young Geologists - HERĽANY April 3 - 5, 2019


The XXth International Conference of Young Geologists - ICYG 2019, will be held in the conference room of the Education Training Facility Herľany of the Technical University of Košice in Herľany (Slovakia) on April 3-5, 2019. Accommodation during the conference is arranged in the same location.

Travelling by car

GPS: 48.801088°N, 21.478310°E

Directions from Košice

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Directions from Banská Bystrica

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Directions from Katowice / Cracow

Travelling by train/bus

When traveling by train or bus, your connections should take to the city of Košice. Bus and train station are close to each other. The journey from Košice to Herľany is possible by bus, from Košice bus station, platform 33.

Travelling by plane

Reguly scheduled flights come to international Košice airport. From Kosice airport, we recommend you to use public transportation - bus nr. 23 which takes you directly to the Košice bus station. At the Košice bus station, the bus from Košice to Herľany departs from platform 33. Alternatively, you can use a taxi.
When flying to other international airports - Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Katowice, you can transfer to Košice via FlixBus or you can plan your transfer to Košice here.

Please note that, in some cities (e.g. Katowice), the buses to Košice do not leave from the airport only but from other location also. In these cases, you should use the local taxi or public transportation to transfer to the place of bus departure. 

Košice taxi

Approximate price of the taxi from Košice to Herľany is 25-30 EUR.

American Taxi Košice: +421 55 175 00

City taxi: +421 55 16 222
VIP taxi: +421 55 16 500, +421 907 556 677
Taxi Košice: +421 915 040 727