We sincerely invite you to submit abstracts concerning a variety of subjects in Geology and Earth Sciences - focused on, but not limited to, general geology, sedimentology, structural geology, geomorphology, mineralogy, geochemistry, economic geology, petrology, paleontology, geophysics, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geoinformatics or geoengineering, and environmental sciences.


Submission is limited to one abstract per presenting author.

Please note, that abstracts submitted for the ICYG 2020 conference will be a subject of a single-blind review. The author(s) will be contacted by ICYG 2020 editors regarding the revision based on comments of reviewers.

All abstracts will be reviewed and published in the Conference Proceedings Book with ISBN.

Instructions for authors

The text must have at least 2,500 and not exceed 7,000 characters including spaces. Materials can include one figure or table. The number of characters includes spaces, title, author's name, author's affiliation, acknowledgement and references. Please follow the formatting of the official ICYG 2020 abstract template and do not paste any formatting from other documents. The optional figure should not exceed dimensions of 160 mm (width) x 200 mm (height), should be in shades of grey in 400 dpi resolution and in *.jpg format. The figure/table will be placed at the end of the abstract, after references. If you decide to include a figure into your abstract, please submit the figure as a separate file and do not insert it in the abstract file.

Please submit the abstract file with the name of the file "H20_presentingauthorname.doc" and optional figure with the name "H20_presentingauthorname.jpg".